Visual Difficulties: The Missing Link

  Routinely having your child’s eyes tested is always a good idea. This is generally recommended at 6 months of age, 3 years old, just before school (6-7 years old), and annually thereafter, during school years, if no visual correction was recommended. But despite having their eyes tested by an optometrist, your child may still[…]

A Look at Life in Lockdown

On 23 March, a national coronavirus lockdown was announced in South Africa, starting on 26 March 2020. This required us all to stay indoors, preventing children from going to school, parents/carers from going to work, and families/friends from socialising and visiting. I write this blog on the 17th of September, marking 175 days of various[…]

Traveling with Children: Supporting your Sensory Systems

With a long year behind us, and exciting holiday plans approaching, tantrums, meltdowns, and restrictive behaviours are the last thing we want to look forward to as we enter the holiday season.Between the start of your journey and the much-needed break, for both you and your children, may be one or more of the following[…]

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