Feel Your Food

Picky eating is a complex condition which can have many and sometimes multiple reasons for it.  Studies have found that paediatric feeding difficulties are caused by a combination of medical, structural, metabolic, developmental, sensory, behavioural and psychosocial components. There is a very definite link between picky eating and sensory sensitivity, and this is what we[…]

Enrol your child in the University of the World

Fun, everyday activities to strengthen some of the foundational skills that your child needs for academic learning. Skills subserving classroom performance We are often so keen to get our children reading and writing, that we sometimes miss out on valuable opportunities to strengthen the foundations on which these skills are built. Apart from feeling emotionally[…]

Happy Homework

5 Tips for making homework easier and less stressful It is the start of the new school year and just the thought of homework can already make us feel like we need another holiday. That ’s why the Occupational Therapists at Success Therapy Centre put together a list of tips that will help make homework[…]

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