Our Team

Occupational Therapists

We are a dedicated team of occupational therapists who believe in human potential and each person’s ability to learn, at any age.

Cornelia Liebentritt B.OT (US)

Clinical Director

Cornelia Liebentritt is the Founder and Clinical Director of Success Therapy Centre, a multidisciplinary intervention centre for families, in Cape Town, South Africa. She obtained a Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Stellenbosch in 2002. She has 14 years clinical experience working with children, adults and their families. She has a special interest in sensory integration with adults and children from diverse populations including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. She is also qualified in using a variety of other therapeutic interventions, including DIR® Floortime and Therapeutic Listening.
Cornelia is passionate about supporting other occupational therapists in her community and supervises five fellow occupational therapists working in her practice. She is also currently the chairperson of the Western Cape Paediatrics Practitioner’s Group.
Cornelia is fortunate to be married to her supportive Austrian husband, Gernot. They live on the face of Table Mountain in Cape Town where they enjoy going for walks with the family dog. In her spare time Cornelia enjoys spending time with her family, reading and cooking.

Tamlyn Barter BSc.OT (UCT)

Occupational Therapist

Tamlyn completed her Occupational Therapy degree in 2008 at the University of Cape Town. After having completed her community service in rural Kw-Zulu Natal, she spent some time overseas working with children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Since then, she has had the privelege of persuing her interest and passion working with children in various settings including a well-established school-based practice and paediatric private practice.

Tamlyn is a qualified Sensory Integration Therapist (SAISI) and has a special interest in working with children experiencing Sensory Processing Disorders, Developmental Delay and Postural Control difficulties.

Megan Hendricks BSc.OT (UCT)

Occupational Therapist

Megan is an Occupational Therapist with a special interest in working with children, particularly children with learning difficulties, developmental delays and sensory processing disorder. She has worked in the area of paediatrics since 2011 and is a qualified Sensory Integration Therapist (SAISI). Her other interests include ADD/ADHD and its impact on children with sensory processing disorder. She is also a basic DIR Floortime Provider, helping toddlers and younger children connect with their parents and peers.

Taryn Schneider BSc.OT (UCT)


Taryn has a Masters in Child-Centred Play Therapy from Roehampton University in the United Kingdom. She is also a qualified Occupational Therapist and trained in DIR Floortime. Taryn uses a very practical and functional approach to managing emotional and behavioural challenges in children. She aims to empower parents by helping them understand their children holistically and as a result manage them more effectively at home. Taryn also enjoys working closely with teachers to support children emotionally in the classroom and facilitate their understanding of how emotional well being impacts on school performance.

Sarah Larkin

Occupational Therapist

Sarah is an occupational therapist who is particularly interested in working with children who experience learning difficulties and barriers in the class room environment. She enjoys using various evidence based occupational therapy techniques and strategies to allow every child to reach their full potential. She discovered her passion for working with children, while completing her community service in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Christopher Rorke B.Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy (SU)

Speech-Language & Hearing Therapist

Christopher completed his Speech Therapy degree at Stellenbosch University as a mature student. Prior to this he lived and worked in London as a professional Singer Actor after training at the Royal Academy of Music.

Christopher completed his community service year at Khayelitsha District Hospital. Thereafter he transferred to a permanent post as the only Speech Therapist, servicing the Khayelitsha & Eastern Substructure community health clinics within the metro district health system in Cape Town. His special interest is working with families on Early Childhood Intervention and has experience in assessing and managing young children with communication and/or feeding disorders. As a new Dad he has a passion for working with infants and young children and has a deeper empathy for all parents.

Kris-Ann Hey BSc.OT (UCT)

Occupational Therapy

Kris-Ann completed her Occupational Therapy Degree at UCT in 2011. She is an occupational therapist who has a passion for working with children and their families. She enjoys assisting children in reaching their full potential and has a particular interest in working with children with developmental delays and sensory processing difficulties. She discovered her passion for working with children while completing her community service year at a paediatric hospital. Besides working with children in a private practice setting, she has also had the opportunity to work with children at the Cerebral Palsy Clinic at Red Cross Children’s Hospital and to work with children with autism.