We have a dedicated team of occupational therapists who hope to help your child gain valuable skills to enable them to perform with greater ease and enjoyment in all areas of their life including at home, in the classroom and socially.  We believe in a collaborative team approach for optimal intervention.


We offer assessment and treatment to infants, toddlers, young children and adolescents.  The aim of our assessment is to identify the underlying causes of your child’s functional difficulties in order to best address them.  An important part of the assessment process involves you, the parent.  We also collaborate with teachers and other professionals involved in your child’s life.

Our range of assessments are comprehensive and cover, but are not limited to: 


We treat a variety of conditions including: sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, dyspraxia, learning difficulties, dyslexia, social-emotional challenges and sleep/feeding difficulties.

We have a fully equipped sensory integration gym and all our therapists are trained in the field of sensory integration. We also use other therapeutic modalities such as DIR Floortime and metacognitive training techniques. 

If you feel your child is experiencing difficulties in one or more areas of their development and that it’s limiting their functioning and independence at home, school, or socially then you may want to consider contacting an occupational therapist for an assessment.

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